Erik Paldanius

Game Programmer

My name is Erik Padlanius I'm a 20 year old game developer currently reciding in Malmö, Sweden. I've developed games since I was 8 years old and I am currently trying to get my foot into the games industry.

On this page you can read about some of the projects I've been a part of during my years as a game developer.

I'm currently studying at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. As part of my education I'm currently looking for an internship as a game programmer between 2017-08-27 and 2018-04-13, please contact me at erik.paldanius@gmail.com my CV can be downloaded on the top of this page under "Contact Me" or by clicking here.

Game Projects I took part in at The Game Assembly

9 weeks half-time
Team Size: 15
Developed using:
  • Custom C++ Game Engine
  • DirectX 11
  • WWise
  • PhysX
  • LUA

Ace is a space cop, and he has been sent to a sandy desert planet to clean up a criminal organization with the help of his arsenal of weapons.

This game was developed using my student studio's home-grown 3D engine built using C++11 and DirectX 11.

During this project I implemented a heavily integrated custom UDP networking solution into our engine using Winsock 2.2.
It is based on the notion of an authorative server with local and global objects containing synchronized events and fields.

  • Implemented UDP Networking using Winsock 2.2
  • MySQL-based Lobby Database
  • Player physics and movement
  • Procedural movement and weapon animations
10 weeks half-time
Team Size: 12
Developed using:
  • Custom C++ Game Engine
  • DirectX 11
  • WWise
  • PhysX
  • LUA

In Monster Mash you take the role as our heroic gladiator who fights off waves of enemies in order to win glory.
Inbetween each wave you can upgrade your character by selecting a random upgrade.

Monster Mash was developed using my student studio's own home-grown C++11 DirectX 11-based game engine.

  • Ported our current renderer from immediate to deferred lighting
  • Implemented directional light shadows through the use of a shadow buffer
  • Post-processing SSAO and FXAA effects
  • "Modelled" and animated the ranged enemy through code
  • Basic blending between different animations
  • Heavily optimized rendering by implementing SIMD-based matrices and caching world matrices.
Stellardrift Showcase
10 weeks half-time
Team Size: 12
Developed using:
  • Custom C++ Game Engine
  • DirectX 11
  • WWise
  • LUA

Stellar Drift is a space shooter developed using my student studio's homegrown C++11 DirectX 11-based game engine.

It features a first and third person camera mode.

  • Helped out implementing and designing the entity-component system
  • Player Movement
  • Third Person Camera
  • Streaks used on player, enemies and projectiles
  • Sun shaft and lens flare effects
  • Input from keyboard and raw mouse data
King's Finest Showcase
8 weeks half-time
Team Size: 13
Developed using:

In "The King’s Finest" three heroes go on an epic journey to save the kingdom of Cassedonia.
In this turn based strategy game you play as Beakers, the trusty healer; Yuno, the marksman and Tiny, the muscle.

This game is built on a heavily modified version of The Game Assembly's internal DirectX 11 2D engine.

  • Implemented entity component system
  • Implemented modular engine components for rendering and audio
  • Ported game to Android
    • Ported DirectX 11 renderer to OpenGL ES
    • Threaded loading of textures with level of details
    • Automatic sprite atlas generation and rendering
    • Added touch input
  • Inventory and item system
  • Automatic batching of sprites
  • Procedural movement and weapon animations
Das Roboterfabrik Showcase
8 weeks half-time
Team Size: 12

In Das Roboterfabrik you play as a malfunctioning robot on his way to get revenge in the factory that made him and is trying to recycle him.
Collect bolts and nuts to level up in order to increase your arsenal and strength.

Das Roboterfabrik was made using C++11 and a heavily modified version of The Game Assembly's internal DirectX 11 2D Engine.

  • Custom TCP networking implementation using Winsock 2.2
  • Server List based on a custom MySQL/PHP backend
  • Efficient tile rendering using sprite batching and only rendering tiles that are currently only on the screen
  • Implemented Box2D physics
  • Player movement
Oswaldo's Quest Showcase
8 weeks half-time
Team Size: 11
Developed using:
  • C++11
  • DirectX 11 (Game)
  • OpenGL (Editor)
  • LUA Scripting

The Master Palette, a magical palette with the ability to drain the very color from objects has been stolen! The only hope for the town now lies with Oswaldo, the wizard apprentice.

Oswaldo's Quest was made using C++11 and a heavily modified version of The Game Assembly's internal DirectX 11 2D Engine.

  • Programmed Level Editor using C#, Winforms and OpenGL with integrated lua script editor
  • Implemented LUA scripting
  • Programmed composite interface system
S.P.R.A.K. Showcase
8 weeks half-time
Team Size: 10
Developed using:

S.P.R.A.K. is a point and click adventure game written entirely in LUA. It uses Love2D for rendering and audio playback.

  • Inventory and item system
  • Dialogues
  • Intro cutscene with synced voiceover
  • Crafting system
  • Composite interface system
  • Teared note puzzle

Some of my Free Time Projects

Wuka World 2 is an indie MMORPG, it has been in development since 2010 and is written entirely from scratch using C#.

This can be seen as a pet project of mine I spend a lot of my free time on. It has an incredibly high scope which allows me to experiment with different solutions to complicated problems which are not as common in smaller projects.

Throughout the years I've received feedback from and worked together with a lot of talented people, mainly graphical artists.
With the exception of graphical assets the game and it's tools have been developed almost entirely by me with occasional help from my online friends.

  • Authorative server
  • Custom OpenGL renderer
  • Item system with randomizable attributes
  • Crafting system
  • Integrated account system with an existing website
    • Every account can own and manage multiple in-game characters
  • Composite interface system
  • Automatic updater
    • Generates deltas from previous patch data and only downloads modified files
    • Stores data in Amazon S3 ensuring high availability and robust high-traffic access
    • Packs files together and compresses them minimizing bandwidth costs
  • Automatic sprite atlas generation
    • During development sprites are stored in individual small PNG files.
      On patch release textures are automatically merged into a single texture atlas ensuring maximum compression, HDD access and rendering efficiency through batching.
  • Instanced worlds and dungeons
    • Players can party up together and defeat bosses in private dungeons
    • Instances can be saved between play sessions and characters can be locked to individual instances for a specified amount of time
  • Players and their equipment can be dynamically scaled to the world allowing players with totally different play times to be able to play together
  • In-game level editor with automatic tiling
  • Dynamic lighting with raytraced shadows
  • Two different classes with different play styles: Warrior & Magician
  • Quest & Quest Chain systems
  • Custom key-frame based animation system
  • Tile-based platforming pathfinding without the need for pre-processing or extra work during level creation
  • 2D "god-rays"
  • Chests spread throughout the world lootable once per character
  • Enemy threat system
  • Timed status effect system that modifies players' stats
  • Ridable mounts
WW2 Screenshot
Developed using:
  • Custom C# Game Engine
  • OpenGL

Cut is a short, experimental puzzle platformer developed during the game jam Ludum Dare 32 which was held during April 2015.
Ludum Dare's main competition, which this was an entry to, only accepts solo submissions where everything was created during the 48 hour long game jam; therefore I've made everything in this game, including code, audio and other assets.

In Cut! you traverse your way from level to level by cutting and pasting the terrain infront of you.


  • 3rd place: Innovation (Ludum Dare 32, out of 2821 entries)
  • 1st place: Best Game (LBS Game Awards)

  • Fully dynamic terrain
  • Player movement
  • Procedural movement and weapon animations
48 hours
Team Size: 1
Developed using:
  • Custom C# Game Engine

Cog2D is a game engine I developed during my last year at LBS Nyköping.

It is written entirely in C# and consists of interchangeable modules for rendering and audio. Due to this platform-specific code can very easily be interchanged to support further platforms without any changes whatsoever to the game code.

Heavy focus was put on quick prototyping and making common tasks easy.
A few games and prototypes have been written using the engine, most notably my Ludum Dare 32 entry "Cut!" and a C# port of my previous game "Wuka World 1".

  • Interchangeable modules for rendering and audio
    • DirectX, OpenGL, SFML & XNA Renderers
    • IrrKlang module for audio
  • Heavily integrated, mostly automated networking
    • All messages have their own class which inherits from a common base, at startup they're automatically detected and serializer functions are generated.
    • Regular pointers to components and game objects are automatically detected and handled properly.
    • Creation and destruction of objects marked as "global" is automatically synchronized.
    • Synchronized<T> fields on components and objects that are automatically synchronized between server and clients.
    • Hashes are automatically generated and compared to the remote side to ensure matching versions.
  • Custom resource storage format
    • Prevents unauthorized edits on files and resource thiefs
Cog Screenshot

Kant is an arcade shooter developed using C# and the XNA Framework.

It was made together with one game artist and one other programmer who was primarily in charge of graphical effects.


  • 1st place: Best Game (LBS Game Awards)
  • 1st place: Best Graphics (LBS Game Awards)
  • 2nd place: Best Game Idea (LBS Game Awards)

  • Online highscores using a custom MySQL/PHP backend
  • Create and share custom game modes entirely ingame
  • Shoot, Bomb & Blast your way to the number one spot
  • Endlessly increasing difficulty
  • Physics powered by Farseer Physics (Box2D C# port)
Team Size: 3
Download coming soon!
Developed using:
  • C#
  • XNA Framework/MonoGame